Most couples spend a lot of time, money, and effort preparing for their wedding day. They are “in-love” and excited to be together as man and wife. As special and important as a wedding day is, couples often overlook the importance of preparing for the marriage itself.

  • Each man and woman comes into a relationship with his or her own preconceived ideas of what a marriage should look like. These views are often based on what they saw in their own parents’ or friends’ parents’ marriages, or sometimes what they saw on TV or in the movies.  Marriage preparation is critical in helping couples learn how to communicate effectively with one another, resolve conflict, understand their roles, personality differences, marriage expectations, and upbringing in their family of origin.
  • These times of preparation are invaluable in showing couples that love is a choice not a feeling, and to help analyze whether or not a couple is really ready to walk down the aisle together.  Couples benefit from these sessions in many ways and build a great foundation for creating a lifetime together according to God’s design. Marriage Preparation (or pre-marital counseling) is highly successful in helping marriages not only survive, but thrive, as couples learn to address many “bumps” in the road, before they occur.

Twogether in Texas

Twogether in Texas is a government funded program dedicated to increasing the well-being of children by providing voluntary marriage and relationship education skills to their parents. Through this website you can find information on how couples can access marital, pre-marital, and relationship enhancement classes. All Texans are able to utilize these services. There are no eligibility requirements. Couples that complete 8 hours of pre-marital education through one of the service providers listed on this website are able to receive $60 off their marriage license fee.
Out of the 240,000 Texans who have taken these classes, 95% of couples say they have learned skills to:

  • Improve their relationship
  • Increase their ability to communicate and share feelings
  • Understand and feel understood by their spouse
  • Disagree without fighting
  • Enhance relationships with children

San Antonio Area Premarital Providers & Resources

Contact: Carlos & Nora Rodriguez

Catholic Engaged Encounter

Contact: Father Rob Ruhnke        (210) 534-1129

Contact: Tim Russo

Contact: Mark Postell

Weekend To Remember by Family Life

​A team of men and women share what it takes to have a happy and successful marriage according to the Bible.  Special “breakout” sessions, and workbooks are designed for use within the “Weekend to Remember,” exclusively for engaged couples.

Other Premarital Resources:

Prepare To Last

Jeff and Debbie McElroy, founders of Forever Families, use comedy and drama to speak to couples who are just about to get married, or have recently just gotten married. This program uses the Prepare/Enrich check-up assessment survey,   interactive DVD’s, audio CD’s, and workbooks.  Many couples “in love” fail to see negative traits or possible areas of future problems. This program is focused on giving them a “reality check” in a way that is teachable and impactful.

Before You Say “I Do”

This resource by H. Norman Wright is intended to be used in a small group setting, but can also be used by a couple and a private counselor. There are six 25-minute sessions that emphasize and prioritize a Christ-centered marriage.  Deep questions and “what if’s” are introduced throughout the program as a way to discover each couple’s expectations for marriage as well as to create conversation and communication in specific areas such as finances, sexuality, in-laws, personalities, etc. This curriculum is intended to create a stronger and more satisfying relationship between partners through Christian principles.

Before “I Do”: Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience

This workbook uses short but powerful lessons highlighted by truths from the Message and NIV Bible. The goal of this resource is to reduce the thought and option of divorce in a couple’s mind, by giving them a deeper sense of purpose and insight as they communicate and discuss the subjects they will encounter throughout their lifetime together. Taking the time to go through this study together will hopefully lessen a couple’s future misunderstandings and grievances and help them consider things they may not have previously thought about, helping them become better prepared for a lasting marriage.

God’s Plan For a Joy Filled Marriage

There are two parts to this curriculum: one is devoted to God’s plan, while the other focuses on life skills. The “life skills” plan has a 3-stage approach that focuses on activities, goal-setting, learning about yourself and your relationships more thoroughly, establishing values, and future planning as a married couple.  The “God’s Plan” study on the other hand, is a 6-part study that helps couples as they prepare for their marriage. It helps them understand the church’s views on sex and marriage, as well as how to apply those views personally.

A Sincere Gift of Self

Eight topics are covered in this book geared to Catholic couples. Topics range from married love, vows you will take, adjusting to marriage, family goals, and preparing for children.

Covenant of Love

This is a resource offered to parishes designed to strengthen marriage ministries or to help build a foundation to create one.  This Marriage Ministry works to educate, strengthen, promote, and advocate the splendor, beauty, and truth of God’s plan for marriage.