We want you to know that we understand that sometimes things happen in marriages and when they happen, there is support and assistance for you. The important thing is that you get with someone that will guide you to a resource designed to help you in your particular situation. When a marriage is in trouble, often, counseling is the suggestion that is offered, but sometimes that marriage relationship is on the verge of total breakdown, and there is only one last chance to save it. In these instances, a “marriage intensive” ministry or program is the best option.  These programs and ministries are offered in 2-3 day distraction-free environments and are focused on helping couples walk through their pain, while coming out with hope for their relationship, when they had no hope before. This may be the last final effort these couples have to try and save their marriage because they have reached a real crisis point in their feelings and communication with one another.  Oftentimes, divorce or separation is the next step. They need immediate help, and immediate help is out there to be found.

Below are 7 ministries/programs in Texas that offer wonderful and overwhelmingly successful marriage intensive programs for the couple who is afraid they’ve reached the ‘point of no return.

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Contact: Carlos & Nora Rodriguez 


We are passionate about helping married couples, engaged couples, or individuals, take proactive steps to enrich their special relationships. We have been trained and certified in specific programs that have a great record of success in maintaining satisfying & healthy relationships. We try to help people understand how to avoid the pain of neglected relationships and help equip them to experience the abundant life God promises through authentic healthy relationships. We believe that if we can impress upon people the importance of commitment to their spouse, fiance, family or friend they can achieve a vibrant, healthy, mutually-satisfying relationship with the people they love.

Contact: Carlos & Nora Rodriguez

The Relational Impact Group is dedicated to strengthening and encouraging families through quality counseling and coaching. In our throw away society where marriage and family have been reduced to a level of mere convenience, Biblical Counseling and coaching offers a message of hope.
Whenever people choose to live their lives according to Biblical principles, they find a fresh new approach to old problems that enable them to experience life, marriage, and family to its fullest. Before you give up on your marriage and family, give us the opportunity to share a different perspective, a Biblical counseling perspective, of your marriage and family.

 Contact: Jon Anderson

​​Love Reboot is a 3-day weekend intensive workshop for marriages that are needing help reconnecting or just need a little enriching in the relationship.  Couples are given a roadmap of how to turn their marriage around and many times as they go through this process, they find they not only heal their marriage, but develop an even more fulfilling marriage than they had previously.  They are shown how they can trust again, communicate, fall back in love with one another, and more. In addition, Love Reboot helps develop a follow-up/growth plan for couples after the workshop. At least 75 percent of the couples who have attended these workshops are still married… a success rate that is far higher than traditional methods of helping troubled marriages. Growing Love Network also offers courses, 1 on 2 coaching with the couple, leader training and more.

Contact: Deborah Kristen

For couples who feel stuck in strife or who have longstanding issues in their marriage that they have not been able to solve themselves, The Clearing offers an in-depth 4-day counseling retreat in a safe and supportive environment of no more than 5 couples. Couples that attend the retreat, often find great value in getting away from the distractions at home and truly focusing on the problems in their marriage, whether that be infidelity, anger issues, lack of communication, apathy, or any other crisis situation currently going on in their relationship.  Many months of counseling, and the stress that accompanies it, can often be alleviated, by getting away and attending this 4-day intensive program at The Clearing. The group setting helps everyone understand that they are not the only ones going through certain issues and helps foster encouragement and support in addition to the counseling and therapy they receive from the instructors. Couples are able to leave hopeful and united with tools in-hand that they are able to use and implement in their marriage once the intensive is over.

​​The Hideaway Experience

Over a 4-day, 5-night time frame, The Hideaway is a place to get away and get much-needed therapy for a marriage that is in crisis and breaking down.  Each day consists of 6-8 hour sessions with a total of 4 couples.  There is also one-on-one spouse time, and some free time built into this model. The goal of this experience is that healing will take place and that there will be restoration within each marriage.  This retreat is located near Amarillo, Texas in a beautiful spot built to nurture, pamper, and recharge each individual while much-needed healing takes place.

What is a Retrouvaille Program? 

The word Retrouvaille™ (pronounced re-tro-vi with a long i.) is a French word meaning rediscovery. The program offers tools needed to rediscover a loving marriage relationship. Thousands of couples headed for cold, unloving relationships or divorce have successfully overcome their marriage problems by attending the program.

The Retrouvaille Program consists of a weekend experience combined with a series of 6-12 post-weekend sessions over 3 months. It provides the tools to help put your marriage in order again. The main emphasis of the program is on communication in marriage between husband and wife. It will give you the opportunity to rediscover each other and examine your lives together in a new and positive way.

Other Great DVD Resources

5 Days To a New Marriage

This resource kit is offered for small groups to implement their own “marriage intensive” program. It is an 8-week course for 4 couples, that includes participant books, teaching DVD’s, a leader’s guide, and an in-depth training DVD for the leader. This is a great resource for churches to use and to help show troubled marriages that things can change and get better.
I’ve referred a few people there. It’s like a marriage intensive weekend. If I begin to understand what my needs are and why they’ve gotten there, particularly around personal wounds, even before the marriage, then I start to get an insight that relied upon a spouse for stuff that only God can give.  It opens up a new pathway for communication and resolution of those wounds.”– Sam Warren, Oak Hills Church

Breathrough Moments

Contact: Dave Galbraith
Breakthrough Moments Ministry, with the byline of “Next Steps to Life-Changing Freedom,” exists specifically to meet people in their toughest spots, worst times, or critical points and help them strategically take the next good decision for their lives.  Dave Galbraith, founder of Breakthrough Moments, has been called by God to participate in the lives of others through critical triage which he says requires that he “get in and get messy!”   He says we are all in need of some type of recovery and firmly believes that at our weakest, God’s grace is made complete.

Catholic Divorce Survival Guide

Help and healing are offered and addressed as someone deals with the emotional and spiritual after-effects of a divorce.     Even though the Catholic Church doesn’t encourage or support divorce, it still is there to help after one has occurred.  Using real-life stories along with the truth of the church’s teachings and perspective, this program helps men and women find the answers they are seeking.
A 12-week program that helps Catholics reintegrate into life and the church, and reconnect their relationship to God while also dealing with the human element of divorce. “  – Steve Pokorny, the Alexander House

Marriage Disciples

This program is offered by the Alexander House Apostolate.  Couples work with other couples to develop strong marriage skills, set goals, identify problem areas, build or restore trust, learn to communicate better, and more.
“Allowing compares to come together two by two to walk with another couple. This is especially for couples who feel their relationship is in major jeopardy.” – Steve Pokorny, the Alexander House

Marriage Built To Last

Chip Ingram, Dave Ramsey, and Kurt and Brenda Warner have come together in this video-based study to help strengthen marriages.  In this series, 24 real-life couples speak of their own struggles on everything from communication, finances, blended families, to sexual intimacy, and trust issues. For those who can’t afford to go to an expensive marriage conference,Marriage Built to Last is focused on helping and encouraging them.  Chip Ingram speaks to couples from a Biblical perspective to help break through the real issues each couple is engaged in at home. No matter what stage of the relationship you are in, this series can speak to your heart and help give you tools to build on.
“We are looking at using this resource because it seems to be easily reproducible.  We would be able to have a normal lay leader; they don’t have to be a fantastic teacher and everything but it gives enough resources to simplify and make it easier on the facilitator.  The person does act more as a facilitator rather than have to have the knowledge base for the program.”  – Jonathan Clark, Baptist Temple Church

DARE Marriage Mentoring

This mentoring program is unique in that it can be used for premaritals, couples in crisis, or just a married couple who wants to enrich their marriage and make it stronger. However, it is especially useful for couples in crisis; as most churches or counselors often already have a premarital resource that they use. DARE Marriage Mentoring uses a survey that the couple takes which highlights and addresses strengths and weaknesses in their relationship.  This is then used as a foundation to begin the process of learning how to solve and come up with solutions to their own problems with guidance and mediation by the mentor couple who has been assigned to them. The mentor couples aren’t required to “fix” the couple in crisis, only to ask questions, keep them accountable, and help guide them as they take steps of action towards one another and God.

From Anger to Intimacy

This book helps couples develop the skills they need to deal with personal anger issues and identify the different ways in which they handle their anger and how it comes out in their marriage relationship. Ideas are given to help implement when anger occurs and how to forgive a spouse and heal after the fact.