There are many Marriage Enrichment programs and classes throughout the year so we encourage you to visit to find out what is currently happening. In addition, there are many Marriage Enrichment DVD Resources for Small Groups that can be utilized and is a wonderful resource for anyone to use. The facilitator inserts the DVD into the player and lets the trained professional on the DVD speak with authority, credibility, and experience to the small group.  This allows the facilitator to join in on the questions and conversation with the rest of the group without having to feel like they need to know how to answer every question or issue that arises. These marriage enrichment DVDs are valuable for inspiring growth and insight into the heart of a married couple right where the individuals are.  These DVDs can encourage couples to invest in their marriage without having to go too deep, before they are ready.

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We are passionate about helping married couples, engaged couples, or individuals, take proactive steps to enrich their special relationships. We have been trained and certified in specific programs that have a great record of success in maintaining satisfying & healthy relationships. We try to help people understand how to avoid the pain of neglected relationships and help equip them to experience the abundant life God promises through authentic healthy relationships. We believe that if we can impress upon people the importance of commitment to their spouse, fiance, family or friend they can achieve a vibrant, healthy, mutually-satisfying relationship with the people they love.

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The Relational Impact Group is dedicated to strengthening and encouraging families through quality counseling and coaching. In our throw away society where marriage and family have been reduced to a level of mere convenience, Biblical Counseling and coaching offers a message of hope.
Whenever people choose to live their lives according to Biblical principles, they find a fresh new approach to old problems that enable them to experience life, marriage, and family to its fullest. Before you give up on your marriage and family, give us the opportunity to share a different perspective, a Biblical counseling perspective, of your marriage and family.

The Keys to a Christ Centered Marriage by Bill Loveless

This curriculum is designed to teach married couples God’s design for intimacy, harmony, and oneness in marriage. It teaches some of the major hindrances to experiencing God’s design for marriage, what it means to engage God to deal with those hindrances, and how to experience marriage as God intended.  It is designed to be used individually, in a small group, or Sunday school format.

10 Great Dates – DVD Event 

This fun resource is to be used, along with the book, Ten Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage. Couples will go on 10 date nights together and will learn how to communicate better, encourage one another, grow more intimate, balance out their individual roles, resolve issues, and become more intentional in their relationship.
Diane Sollee, MSW, Founder and Director of, says that 10 Great Dates is “Brilliant, Sneaky, Genius, Ultra affordable, Teach-right-out-of-the-box.”

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage – DVD Event

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage includes clips taken from Mark Gungor’s weekend seminar. There are twelve, sixty-minute sessions divided up into 29 clips.  This DVD series is full of humor, but does it through concrete, practical application for marriages.  This course is especially a draw for men who usually aren’t open to attending marriage seminars or conferences.  The fact that Mark uses humor, greatly appeals to men so they don’t feel threatened and it relaxes them, as well.  This fun and funny approach is generally very well received by all.

6 Secrets to a Lasting Love – DVD Event

In 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love Gary and Barb Rosberg focus on equipping marriages and helping couples become intentional about keeping their love strong throughout their lives together. These 6 secrets are: Forgiving Freely, Serving Humbly, Persevering Courageously, Guarding Vigilantly, Celebrating Joyfully, and Renewing Daily.  Marriage is more than an emotion or feeling and through this series; the Rosbergs teach couples the Biblical truths for their marriage.

The Art of Marriage – DVD Event

The Art of Marriage DVD uses real-life-stories, interviews and humor to showcase not only the challenges within marriages, but the beauty that can be discovered within God’s design. There are 6 video sessions as well as projects included for couples, to help reinforce each lesson. Why choose this DVD series?  “A godly marriage adds stability to our homes, our neighborhood, our state, and our country.”  – host church pastor

Sacred Marriage – DVD Event
By Gary Thomas

This DVD event focuses more on growing spiritually; which will in turn help you learn how to love your spouse more.  Couples will learn how everything they go through in their marriage is an opportunity to grow more in God’s character and to walk closer with Him. Instead of learning the “how to” within a marriage relationship, Gary Thomas is focused on teaching the “heart to.”  You can renew your love and passion for God, and at the same time, learn to care more for your spouse. That’s what this 6-session study is about.

Marriage On the Rock
by Jimmy Evans

In this day and age, marriage is often thrown away with ease if things don’t turn out the way people want them to. Jimmy Evans teaches that if a couple does things God’s way, their marriage has a 100% chance at succeeding.  Through Marriage On the Rock, couples will get real answers that help them understand how their marriage can work and become satisfying.

Other Great DVD Resources

Love Life

Pastor Mark Driscoll delivers a timely series about what it really means to love someone.  “Mark reveals an Old Testament understanding of biblical sexuality with crystal clear teaching, and keen understanding of our current cultural climate.”  – are 10 teaching sessions geared to not only married couples, but also singles, and college students.

Scream Free Marriage

Marriage is hard. It is always filled with issues to overcome and work through. ScreamFree Marriage wants to help couples grow closer together through their problems, instead of trying to avoid them.  This program promises to offer honest truth regarding marriage, and to help marriage relationships by showing couples how to value and appreciate not only what they currently have; but what they could have in the future. It’s not your normal program focused on “fixing” things. It, instead, is focused on helping spouses grow together through their problems

The Indestructible Marriage DVD

In order to keep a marriage safe from harm, a fortress needs to be built up around it to protect it. A marriage CAN be unbreakable and a place where joy, intimacy, permanence, security, and pleasure are fostered and flourished.  In this series, Jimmy Evans teaches how to affair-proof, stress-proof, and divorce proof marriage so that couples can be aware of and alerted to any danger signs. He also speaks on building intimacy that cannot be broken.

Lifelong Love Affair

Jimmy Evans reveals insights into how to have a satisfying and fulfilling marriage, how to resolve conflict, stay in love, and how to get God’s blessing on your marriage relationship.
“Everyone wants to experience a love that lasts a lifetime.  For many, the dream of a lifelong love has become a nightmare filled with disappointment and heartache.  Success is not a matter of luck or if you marry the right person.” ~

Stay Married For Life

Whatever season of life a marriage is in, Stay Married For Life can speak to them at that specific stage and in that season. Using humor along with powerful lessons, this series focuses on 9 steps, that when used, will help build and foster a joy-filled relationship that can go the distance.

Love and Respect

This 14-week study, intended to be used at a slower pace than other small group DVD programs, is based on Ephesians 5:33 and will help show couples how to better communicate with one another in a manner each spouse most longs for in the marriage relationship  For men, it is respect, and for women, it is love.  Although everyone needs both of these qualities, during times of conflict, a man and woman crave each one on different levels. Love and Respect are two critical components to a successful marriage and through this series couples will learn to understand those components on a deeper level.

Intimate Encounters

Dr. David and Teresa Ferguson present this 16-week small group study.  Build a better marriage by learning how to gain freedom from unhealthy and negative thinking patterns while discovering one another’s real needs. This study draws a couple grow closer together emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The DNA of Relationships

Presented by Gary and Michael Smalley, this DVD study will give marriages the tools to learn:
“How to eliminate the number one cause of relational conflict
Four ways to create a safe place for love
Four ways you can control all of your own emotions and greatly lower your stress level
Three key choices that bring you complete happiness in life
The most powerful communication method on earth
How God has designed you for love”
Smalley Institute

Boundaries in Marriage

Marriages can go from good to great and avoid heading for disaster, through this 8-session video series by Drs. Henry Cloud, and John Townsend.  This study intends on making a dent in the hurtful areas that occur within marriages by using Biblical, as well as relational, principles to help strengthen the marriage relationship.

Love Talk

Learn how to communicate more effectively with your spouse by improving your listening skills, connecting more emotionally with one another, and learning what  and what not to do when trying to speak each other’s language. Shown to be one of the greatest needs couples desire in their marriage, this study provides a simple plan to show how to improve communication between a husband and a wife.

Covenant of Love

This is a resource offered to parishes designed to strengthen marriage ministries or to help build a foundation to create one.  This Marriage Ministry works to educate, strengthen, promote, and advocate the splendor, beauty, and truth of God’s plan for marriage.

The Song of Solomon

“Romantic relationships affect everyone”, says Tommy Nelson.  “Do we think that God has given us desire and passion without any instruction?”  –
Tommy Nelson believes that God did give us a book to help us deal with love, romance, and marriage…. and that book is the Song of Solomon in the Bible.  This DVD study will follow Solomon’s romance from beginning to end and through this process, viewers will be shown God’s Biblical design for marriage.