The Minister’s Discretionary Fund exists to provide resources for the minister to use at his/her discretion as a part of the congregation’s ministry to members and friends of the congregation, as well as to people in the wider community in accordance with the mission and vision of the congregation. It is funded exclusively through congregational offerings and personal donations. Funds are used to provide specific assistance to people in financial need. The Treasurer has administrative oversight to ensure that distributions are in accordance with the policy while respecting the confidentiality of individuals who receive assistance.

You can find the MInister’s Discretionary Fund as one of the selections on our Giving page.

It is a profound honor to allocate these funds on behalf of the congregation; to be able to say to those within and outside the congregation that people who you may not know—and who may not know you–care about you, and care enough to give from their own resources to make this possible. 

In grateful community,

Rev. Rod Richards